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Diabetic Eye Evaluations

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Get Complete Diabetic Eye Evaluations From Us to Maintain a Healthy Vision

Diabetes can cause many vision-related complications. Before you experience any major vision impairment, get the help you need for your eyesight from the eye specialists at Christopher Stock MD. We do complete diabetic eye evaluations to protect your eyesight.

Regular Eye Checkup Is Necessary for Diabetics

If you're diabetic, you should visit our eye care center for periodic eye examinations. Diabetics are more prone to vision loss due to changes in the retina and retinal blood vessels. Allow our highly experienced optometrist to examine your vision if you're diabetic.

Adult diabetics should be examined within one year of diagnosis and annually thereafter. Children with diabetes should be examined within 5 years of diagnosis and annually thereafter.

Diabetes Causes Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication that affects your vision. It's caused when the blood vessels in the retina change. This leads to swelling and bleeding of the retina with loss of vision. Regular exams and early treatment can prevent vision loss. 

Through periodic testing, you can detect the problem early. Walk into our eye care center today to get your eyes tested for diabetic retinopathy. 
For diabetic 
eye evaluations,
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Diabetic eye evaluations 
are done by Dr. Christopher Stock. He has been serving the West Michigan area since 2000. 

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